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Know what's wrong

Logo of symptom checker

  • Built on two decades of clinical and teaching applications, HealthGenie is a one of a kind "artificial intelligence like no other".  Reverse engineered from a teaching platform the HealthGenie provides the ability to engage symptoms presented in a patients on words and in almost any language. Providing a diagnosis of symptoms and also a triage tool to recommended "next steps" makes HealthGenie the most intuitive program of it's kind in the industry. Not only a compliment to most any health care program but also just as effective as a stand alone service. The triage tool can even point the patient to the closet recommended (preferred) provider.

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Health & Wellness


  • Our health and wellness program is a detailed map for planning, learning and engaging a personalized program for each participant.  Each program begins with a certified health assessment that sets the baselines for the program.  Available online, the platform can be  branded and customized.  Additional features provide engagement tracking and a incentive measuring element.  Keeping employees engaged in wellness program has been proven  to provide positive results in employee health and productivity.

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A world of Savings!

Medication Program

  • A truly one of a kind international mail order medication program. Our services connect our clients directly with multiple Tier 1 International pharmacies providing life changing savings on medications. A one on one live experience with our service directors insure ease of access and re-orders. This program is most beneficial to consumers who take daily medications, for savings on shipping we recommend ordering in 90-days supplies delivered directly to the consumer. Suitable as stand-alone program or bundled.

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Retail Rx Program

Medication discount program

  •  A discount pharmacy program that breaks the industry trend. Unlike most programs that's prices are set from AWP (avg. wholesale pricing). Total Access Rx pricing is based on  cost +, eliminating hidden fees. A partnership with the Rite-Aid PBM network insures this program delivers 100% of the savings to the consumer so  the customer wins 100% of the time. A national network of over 60,000 participating pharmacies provide a national appeal for this program and real-time reporting may be provided as needed for administration purposes

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Health Care Plan Options

health care plan

  • This platform provides new options for meeting the need for health care protection. This multiple component approach allows the consumer to engage new options like Health Sharing, DPC,  HSA, MEC, co-pay plans and managed care options.  Available for individuals, associations and true group.  The approach is simple, use Health Sharing as the catastrophic care component and add on additional features based on the individuals or groups needs.  The inclusion of MEC benefits in the plan selection meets ACA compliance and the addition of a HSA makes this platform very comprehensive.  On average consumers save 40-60% of the cost of comparable fully insured plans.  The health and wellness benefits afforded through the Academy of Health excellence make the program very robust. 

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Student Loan Assist

Student loan program

  • We have partnered with one of the nations leading programs for eliminating student Loan debt. Rated as one of the top three financial burdens today this program creates real value.  StuLo knows how to not only eliminate loan debt but also restructure loan debt that can't be completely eliminated.  In many cases providing raises to employees is just not possible, but with our program they are able to keep more of what they are already earning, that's better than a Pay raise!  This program is turn key for the employer while providing immediate relief to the employee. Available to large and small employer groups.

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